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Visit the Twease project home page (sources, binary and other information).

Application created by Matthew J. Wood, Kevin C. Dorff and Fabien Campagne.

The following software tools were used to develop Twease:

Twease searches data from Medline® abstracts. Medline® is a database of the National Library of Medicine and is used under license.

Tutorial Introduction

This tutorial with help you learn what makes Twease different and how Twease can help you find what you are looking for, fast.

Twease is a web-based tool to search Medline® abstracts. Twease indexes each word of Medline® and provides features that can transparently expand your search to help find the information you are looking for.

Twease searches are also partially case sensitive. Short terms are case sensitive, while longer terms are not. For instance, TnT is different from TNT (TnT often stands for Troponin T while TNT often stands for trinitrotoluene). For more details on Twease's case sensitivity, see the Case Sensitive Searches tutorial page.

Finally, Twease can automatically discover common abbreviations for search phrases (e.g., "protein kinase C" will discover PKC, PK-C, aPKC, etc.) and rewrite queries to use these abbreviations. This feature is available through the Slider (on the top right) and the Advanced pane.

To learn more about searching Twease, visit the rest of this tutorial.


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